Thursday, 8 December 2016

The votes have been counted...

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Hello World!

We recently had our first meeting! We all got together and talked about how we had been using our computational thinking over the past few weeks.

We also got our new badges! (What do you think?)

This one was definitely our favourite too! We loved how the badge has the power button like you see on computers and all things digital.

In our meeting we also used Scratch and ScratchJr to create our own never ending games.  

Can you guess what we did to make the games never-ending?  There's a special control on Scratch that helped us to do this!

Until next time.

Stay Digital!

Our Badges

Since we got our roles as digital leaders lots has happened!  The school purchased 5 new iPads and we now get to use them for learning. We've also been working together to make sure everyone knows about how to stay safe online.

BUT some of us have lost our badges!  So we would like your help as we would like to get new badges with a new design.

OUT with the old and in with the NEW!

So which of the designs do you like?



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Help us to pick our new badges!

Until next time.

Stay Digital!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Our first blog post

Finally we got the chance to meet again and discuss some very important issues.

Firstly Miss Otu asked us to check out a new app: Jumbled Sentences 1-8.  We had to explain how to app was to be used to one another and then rate the app.

How to use Jumbled Sentences:
The app shows you a group of words that belong in a sentence but are all jumbled up! What you have to do is to put the words in the correct order to make sure that the sentence makes sense.

How we rate the app:
Lots of us liked the app! We thought it was a good way to help us get better at our writing.  It had fun images and there was a timer to help you to get faster at putting sentences together correctly.

Miss Otu then asked us to look at some other apps.  Some of our favourites were:

King of Maths
Fill the Cup

These were some fun Maths games.

Secondly Mrs O'Brien needed some help as she was looking for some photos that had been taken during our author visit at William Patten School.  The digital leaders were able to look through the photo albums on each iPad to help Mrs O'Brien find the missing photos.  We are sure you'll see the photos on the website soon.

Until next time.

Stay Digital!